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Bistro L.A. Cervoise


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Bistro L.A. Cervoise is a bit of a well-kept secret in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve; you should definitely give it a try. This out-of-the-ordinary bistro does not serve beef, but instead chooses to offer a wide selection of game meat (Buffalo, camel, deer, kangaroo, wapiti and wild boar, for example). Another option is a generous serving of poutine with blue cheese, with or without meat, or even tasty Breton crêpes made either sweet or savoury, as well as vegetarian and fish dishes.  L.A. Cervoise is also the right place to order a wide variety of Quebec microbrews and all sorts of scotch, whisky and bourbon, or even decide to choose from a private import wine list. In short, this is a place for having a great time, every time.

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3976 Ontario Street East
Montreal, QC
514 521-0392

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