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La Miche Dorée


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This bakery, with its two branches, one in the Ville-Marie borough and the other in La Petite-Patrie, really wants its patrons to eat healthy! The family-owned local business’s first mission is to create healthy, nutritious, top-quality artisanal culinary delights. The ingredients that are put into these great concoctions come from organic farms and are held to the highest organoleptic quality (taste, smell, texture) compared to products grown with fertilizer. That’s why, every day, la Miche Dorée bakes fat-free, sugar-free, low-in-sodium, organic flour-based breads. In doing so, its staff creates gluten-free or low gluten recipes that can be enjoyed by all and that will make you feel great.

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1019, Saint-Denis Street
Montreal, QC
514 844-8286

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